Coronavirus & Tech To Connect Hub

We are currently living in unprecedented times. Over the past few weeks, we have transitioned into a lockdown with physical distancing and self-isolation impacting many aspects of our lives. This time has showed us more than ever the importance that technology now has in our lives. Many of us are now only communicating with our families through video or phone calls, text messages, or on social media. Online shopping is becoming a necessity for many people who cannot leave their homes. Plus, who would have thought that we could help save lives by staying at home, sitting on the sofa, watching TV!

Because of this, we have taken the decision to cancel all of our Tech & Tea events. However, we will monitor the situation closely, and restart our events as soon as it is safe for us to do so.

With this in mind, we want to try to keep providing you with resources, tips, tricks and guidance to help make life a little easier. This is why we're launching our Tech To Connect Hub, to try to give you everything you need to stay safe, connected and healthy during this time. Click the blue icon to access the hub, where we'll be building a mountain of resources for you to use and share. We hope that this will provide some support while we cannot run our usual events.

Thank you to all of the NHS staff, volunteers and everyone that is staying home. Together we will overcome this.

Stay safe, stay at home, save lives.

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