As I am sure you will be aware, as of yesterday the UK has progressed into the 'delay' response phase of the coronavirus outbreak. With this in mind, we have made the decision to cancel all remaining Tech & Tea events ahead of the Easter break.

We'd like to make it clear that we are going above the Public Health England guidelines that were released yesterday. However, our events often require close contact, with individuals often sharing devices to demonstrate tips and sitting in close proximity to one another. We are also aware that we have an older demographic of attendees. The well-being of our attendees, volunteers and organisers is our number one priority.

The events that will be cancelled are as follows:

Putney Library - 14th March
Earlsfield Library - 21st March
Battersea Library - 22nd March
Putney Library - 28th March

We will then have our usual 2 week Easter break, and intend to restart sessions in Earlsfield on 18th April. However, we will monitor the situation closely and will keep you updated if anything changes.

For more information on coronavirus, you can find the NHS guidelines below:

NHS Coronavirus Advice

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