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One of the ways that many people are using to try to reduce the spread of germs is to use cashless payment methods. Instead of passing cash to cashiers, or typing in our pins, we can use cashless payment methods to 'tap' our phone or card, removing the need to touch surfaces that other people have touched.

Please remember that this is only relevant if you can go to the supermarket or shop safely, while following the social distancing guidelines. You can find these guidelines here.

If you're unsure of where to start, click on the purple icon to go to our Tech Talk on Cashless Payments. This is a brief introduction to the topic, and is the basis for the Tech Talks at our events.

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Contactless Payment Systems Explained | MoneySuperMarket

Credit cards can be a convenient way to manage your money and build a credit history, but it's important to find one that matches your needs so you can take advantage of the benefits they might provide. It's easier to find the right card when you compare your options, and on MoneySuperMarket you can browse through a number of deals from various providers.

Tap to pay with Visa

Tapping to pay with a Visa contactless debit and credit card is fast, easy, and se-cure. Tap to pay where you see the Contactless Symbol.

Contactless Payment & Cards | Mastercard

Contactless is accepted globally at retailers including retail stores, fast food restaurants, pharmacies, grocery and convenience stores and at transit locations. You'll even find contactless in taxis and at vending machines.

'How To' Guides - Mobile Phone Payments

Set up Google Pay

You can use Google Pay to: Check out on Google products like Photos and Play. Tap and pay to make quick and easy purchases with your phone (see available countries). Send or receive money from friends and family (US only). Learn more about what Google Pay is and where you can use it.

Set up Apple Pay

Get started by adding your credit, debit or prepaid cards to your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac. Here's what you need to use Apple Pay in supported regions: If you want to use Apple Pay with more than one device, you need to add your card to each device.

Set up Samsung Pay on your phone

Meet Samsung Pay, an easy way to make purchases on your phone or watch. It turns your device into a digital wallet that carries credit, debit, or gift cards. And don't worry, you can use biometric security, so no one can access your financial data.

'How To' Guides - Cashless Cards

How to use Contactless Payment Cards | Barclaycard

Find out how to make payments faster and easier with Barclaycard Contactless - a secure way to pay using advanced technology on your credit card or mobile.

Contactless card payments

Pay for purchases of £30 or less with your contactless card, wherever you see the Contactless Indicator.

Halifax UK | Contactless Debit Cards | Bank Accounts

We're here to answer all your contactless questions. But before you get in touch, check out our myth-busting FAQs. Where can I use contactless? The majority of UK supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, petrol stations, chemists, book shops, DIY stores, trains and buses accept contactless for payments of £45 and under.

Contactless payments | Current account guides | TSB Bank

If you have a card with a contactless symbol, you can pay for small items £30 and under, just by touching your card on a shop's contactless reader. Contactless is a fast and easy way to pay for purchases up to £30 without entering a PIN.


We may monitor or record telephone calls to check out your instructions correctly and to help us improve the quality of our service. Calls from abroad are charged according to the telephone service provider's published tariff. Not all Telephone Banking services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contactless Cards | Help & Support - HSBC UK

Can I use my contactless card on the rest of the Transport for London network? You will now be able to use your contactless payment card on Underground, overground, DLR and Tram. The cost of the journey will be no different from the current pay as you go Oyster fare.

Why contactless payments are safe

Main content of page below 08 November 2016 Contactless isn't just about cards - wearables, key fobs, mobile devices and even stickers can now be used to make faster, more convenient payments. Contactless has quickly grown into a popular way of making quick payments for purchases under £30, helping to cut down queues in the process.


If you see the wave symbol: you can make payments up to £45 using contactless worldwide. Within the UK the limit is £45. Other contactless limits apply outside of the UK, please ask the retailer. Remember you can still use your card for purchases using Chip and PIN.

What is a contactless card?

Contactless is an additional feature on your debit card or credit card that provides you with another choice to pay for low value items. We are now issuing Visa debit with contactless cards as standard to all eligible customers. Simply touch the contactless reader with your card to pay for anything that's £45 or under, in less than a second.

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