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Our aim is to bring together communities and encourage people to give and receive as much as possible. This wouldn’t be possible without amazing people like yourself, so we’re glad to share the same values!

Helper’s (you!) are at the heart of Tech & Tea. You are encouraged to take part in the Tech Talk (theme conversations to begin the session on an inspiring note) and, once the session turns into a workshop, to impart your digital skills and answer questions from our attendees. Being a Helper is fun, rewarding and great exercise for the brain!

What to expect

What we need from you!

All you need to help at one of our session is a basic tech knowledge and an enthusiasm to help others. Even if you don't think you have particularly great tech knowledge, if you use a mobile phone and/or laptop daily, you have all the skills needed to help our attendees.

You don't need to bring anything with you, but it may be useful to bring your phone as it's sometimes useful to remind yourself where to find things on your own phone, and is always great for Googling anything you can't remember.

The Induction

At your first session, please arrive at the session 30 minutes before the time advertised on our website (or on time for the timing stated on our Meet up event).

You'll then get a quick induction from your session host, who will run over how the session runs with you. You'll also receive a goodie bag and will be introduced to the rest of the volunteering team. This can be really useful if you get asked a question you aren't sure about, as someone else in the room will probably know the answer, meaning you can learn something new too!

Free tea, coffee and biscuits are also provided at every session!!

The Tech Talk

As you'll find out during your induction, the first part of the session is a talk around a new topic. This can be anything from online safety to healthy living apps. We use a presentation to introduce the topic and give a little structure, but we really encourage an open discussion so feel free to join in and give any of your best tech tips.

The Workshop

After the Tech Talk, we split off into pairs or small groups to help our attendees with their individual tech queries. While we try to have a 1:1 ratio of volunteers to attendees, this is sometimes a little more difficult to organise. But don't feel pressured to help everyone! There's plenty of tea and biscuits to keep everyone happy so you can take it at your own pace, and at the pace of the individual that you're helping.

And don't forget, if you aren't sure on the answer to a question, don't be afraid to look it up on Google or ask another volunteer for some support.

Under 18?

We welcome all ages to our sessions, however as part of our safeguarding policy we require parental consent for you to participate at our events as a volunteer, and for us to take photos at the event if you are present. This form covers all the activities that you may be involved in at the session, however we'll always make sure  that you are comfortable with anything you take part in. If you'd like to attend a session and you are under 18, you can find our parental consent form by clicking here. Please bring this along with you to the session, or email it to volunteering@communitech.org.uk.

Enjoy the session?

We hope you enjoy the session and get the amazing helpers high that we do when we help someone with their tech problems. If you want to become a more permanent part of the team (even if that means you can only come to every other session), we have a Facebook group where our volunteering team get reminders for upcoming sessions and can get to know each other better. Make sure you let the session host know that you are interested in becoming part of the team (and give them your name so they can find you!) and they'll make sure you are added to the group.

Or you can follow us on FacebookTwitter, or sign up to our mailing list for regular updates on any CommuniTech news and the receive session reminders.

If you're interested in joining our amazing team of volunteers, you can find us on Meet Up: a platform usually used for scheduling events all over the world. We encourage all our volunteers to join our meet up group, so even if you can't attend a session, you can give us any helpful hints and tips that we can include in our upcoming Tech Talks.

If you aren't on Meetup, you can also email us on volunteering@communitech.org.uk or just turn up to one of our sessions.

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