What is Tech & Tea?

Tech & Tea workshops are relaxed and informal, with the emphasis being to provide a friendly environment and take away the usual stress associated with learning how to use new devices or getting to grips with new ideas.
We start our session with a Tech Talk, where we introduce technology topics as a chance to learn about something new and boost awareness to the dangers or benefits of different technologies. We then run an open workshop, where you can ask any questions you have about technology. No question is a silly question!

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What to expect

What you need

You don't need to bring anything with you when you attend a Tech & Tea session, but it is useful to bring any devices you want help with (if they are handheld... please don't bring an entire desktop computer with you!)

You may also find it useful to bring a notepad or some paper to make notes. We have some members who like to write down any tech questions that come up in between Tech & Tea sessions, and then bring that list with them to the session. We may not be able to answer all your questions if you have a list as long as your arm, but we'll do our best!

The Tech Talk

The first part of the session is a talk around a new tech topic. This can be anything from online safety to healthy living apps and you can find the theme of the tech talk for each session on our events calendar. We use a presentation to introduce the topic and give a little structure. However, we really encourage an open discussion so feel free to ask questions, or even give us some of your best tech tips (you may surprise yourself with how much you know!).

If there's a topic you really want to learn about but can't see on our calendar, send us an email and if we think it'll be popular we'll add it into our schedule. Otherwise, come along to our session and ask about that topic during the workshop.

The Workshop

After the Tech Talk, we split off into pairs or small groups to help our attendees with their individual tech queries. We try to have a 1:1 ratio of volunteers to attendees, but occasionally this won't be possible. We do think that small groups can sometimes be better though, as you get more brains working on a problem or question. You may even learn something new from someone else asking a question that you didn't even think of!

If we're super busy, you may have to wait for a short amount of time, but there's lots of free tea, coffee and biscuits, and it's a great opportunity to talk to other people from our community.

Enjoy the session?

We hope you enjoy the session and manage to get answers to all your tech questions. If so, please come along again, and bring any friends or family that you think would benefit too!

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If any of this sounds like something that could interest you, don't  be afraid to turn up at one of our sessions.

If you have any other questions, you can email us on events@communitech.org.uk

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