Our Mission

CommuniTech London is a registered charity (charity number 1177236) that helps people in local communities, young and old, from all walks of life, better understand and get the best out of their devices and the internet. Our aim is to answer people’s questions, help them become more confident in using technology devices and services, and create new opportunities and make life easier for everyone. We want everyone to benefit from new and existing technology. By everyone sharing technology skills and advice, we want our community to work better, together.

Where we started

CommuniTech London started as a university project run by the 5 CommuniTech Co-founders (4 of which run CommuniTech today!). We initially wanted to look at flexible volunteering opportunities in the area, and quickly found that many people need some extra support when it comes to technology. After a lot of research and idea generation, we ran our first Tech & Tea session in Battersea Library in December 2016. It went really well, and we decided to keep running the sessions, even after we'd graduated from university!

We are now looking to expand to other libraries in the area, and have received funding from Wandsworth council to do so. We've also been part of the Tesco Bags of Help Scheme in Wandsworth.

Meet the Team

Sofie is a CommuniTech Co-founder and Director of Communications, so is responsible for running our social media, mailing list, marketing campaigns, and website.

Along with the rest of the team, she studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. She is now an Automotive Engineer at a well know UK -based car company.

Email: sofie.shackcloth@communitech.org.uk

Matthew is a CommuniTech Co-founder and Director of Operations. His responsibility is to make sure our existing sessions run smoothly. He also manages our expansion activities.

Email: matthew.rea@communitech.org.uk

Andy is a CommuniTech Co-founder and Director of Finance. He manages all our donations and makes sure it is all spent on helping as many people as we can.

Email: andrew.king@communitech.org.uk

Seb is a CommuniTech Co-founder and Director of Service Development. He takes all the feedback we get after our sessions and tries to implement continuous improvement to make sure we're providing the best service possible.

Along with the rest of the team, he studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London and is now doing a doctorate focused around aerodynamics in Switzerland.

Email: sebastien.lefouest@communitech.org.uk

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